Audit & Assurance

"To us, an audit is more than a report card. It's intelligence to help you run your business better; a vehicle for both verification and continuous improvement."

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Corporate Advisory

Organisations are operating in ever more challenging circumstances and are under constant pressure to improve the quality of their products/services, improve cost efficiency and to deliver what their customers really wantWith services customised to your needs, Kumpulan Naga is committed to helping organisations improve their performance through people, processes and technology.

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Risk Advisory

Your business faces a myriad of complex accounting issues – related to acquisitions, consolidations, bankruptcy, restatements, debt / equity offerings, changes to accounting methods, stock compensation, and more.

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Often tax strategies that look good by themselves can be less sensible, even problematic in the context of your whole business. That's why Kumpulan Naga takes a balanced and integrated approach. Our primary aim is to ensure that the tax affairs of every client are structured in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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